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Sex Toys Introduction

many that can give you intense satisfaction, in a different way to one on one sex.

Kinsey, the famous sex researcher, determined that 70 percent of all women do not come to orgasm by penetration alone, and according to a University of Chicago survey, roughly 25 percent of all women fail to orgasm at all during sex. No wonder women need sex toys - to make up for such disappointments. While using a sex toy will not keep you in continual orgasm mode, they do help many women who has had trouble climaxing in the past, this in turn has been discovered to have the marvellous knock-on effect of leading to a happier, more blissful life in general.

We are not saying that using sex toys to climax will solve all your problems, but orgasms, however happened, will make you feel more confident and sexually open and help you have a better love live and also help make you like yourself.

Sex toys are powerful objects, rather than waiting for your partner to decide on how they are going to bring you to climax, a sex toy, with a few presses and twiddles you or your partner can be sent into orgasm heaven

In the UK studies have shown that around 20 percent of women use a sex toy while masturbating, 30 percent of strap-ons are sold to couples, and whilst people in the UK are becoming more open, more are more people feel it is perfectly normal to buy a vibrator. In fact the NHS, in some areas are giving out vibrators to women who have trouble climaxing.

Sex toys, in recent years have come a long way from the awful looking and very noisy plain vibrators, today there is a huge range of easy to use, and even attractive looking sex toys, which are more robust, feel better and a lot quieter, some are even virtually silent.

Nearly all sex toys can be used alone or with a partner, many have adjustable settings to give you full control of the toy, some are also getting smaller, so know one will know what you are fiddling with in your pocket while you are walking down the supermarket isle. And then there is the versatility, a penis cannot do a lot of things a sex toy can!

Reasons For Buying A Sex Toy

Choosing a sex toy is a little like choosing a lover, you ought to be selective. Every person should be able to find the right sex toy for them, a little like a partner.

1) If you have never had an orgasm before, a sex toy will almost certainly give you one.

2) Unlike your partner, a sex toy will always be ready for action.

3) Unlike a partner, a sex toy can perform each and every night all night until you can't take anymore.

4) You can choose the size and shape to suit you, thick and thin, whatever pleases you best.

5) A sex toy can be a great way to spruce up your love life.

6) Sex toys won't cheat on you and won't fall asleep on you.

7) If you have trouble with your partner being too quick, too small or too big, then sex toys can overcome this.

8) Because you are in complete control of a sex toy, you can choose the level of sexual satisfaction you want.

9) With a sex toy, you could discover new hot spots on your body (or his) that you never knew existed.

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