Anal Eaze Insertz

Anal Eaze Insertz
This anal eaze insertz comes in a no-mess applicator.

The cherry flavoured cream has a desensitizing effect making sexual encounters more pleasurable by relaxing the muscles in the anus allowing you to enjoy anal play without the discomfort.

The thin tip on this applicator makes it easy for you to insert the cream and because the tube is smooth and soft it can be done comfortably.

The great thing about these also is that they are reusable, you don't have to throw it away after one use as the tip is resealable so you can keep the remainder of the cream fresh.

A great size for sampling anal desensitizing.

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Reviews and Ratings

good numbing gel

By: anal lover on 04/10/2012 14:00:26

When you're thinking of trying anal sex, the thought of the pain can put you off or make you tense, i know thats how i felt. That is why i bought some of these anal eaze tubes, they're discreet and they work! My partner squeeze the whole tube into my anus and after a few minutes i could feel the tingling and numbing sensation, I'm not sure how it is usually for first timers, but this just felt amazing. I could still feel everything that was going on but there was a slight numbness to it, its hard to explain but i will def be buying more for future anal play times!

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