Ben Wa Love Balls on a String

Ben Wa Love Balls on a String
Ben Wa Love Balls on a String
Ben Wa Love Balls on a String
Balls within balls - Ben Wa's four gold plated string of balls each have an extra weighted ball inside, so when you insert them you will feel the extra sensations by the movement of the inner balls, as you move the balls will shake, rattle and roll with you.

Each ball also has 6 dimples on either side of them which produce even more pleasure to your internal walls. They are each attached by almost 3 inches of strong string, so in total (including the loop at the end) they measure 17 inches long.

At 1.25 inches in diameter they are one of the widest love balls available so you will feel every inch of them inside you! Delicious!.

Recommended for the more experienced players if using anally.

The balls are quite heavy making them ideal for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, wear whilst doing the house work for tighter muscles meaning more pleasureable sex.*** If you've read Fifty Shades then you'll know how pleasurable and erotic love eggs can be. ****

Our Price: £16.99
Stock Info: Hurry! Last One!

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