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Bully Boy Black Coloured Vibrator

By: saucysandie
22nd May
5 out of 5
wow what a fantastic vibe, im in love with it, cant put it down, have to use it two or three times a day its so satisfying, love it
By: Rachel
16th January
5 out of 5
This felt great the 1st time I used it and from then on I wanted to use it more and more, and I fulfil myself twice everytime.
By: patsy
12th March
5 out of 5
this is an old favourite of mine, i always buy this when i've used my old one for long enough, its a good size and feels like the real thing and always at a great price!
By: Lesbanim
29th January
5 out of 5
Wow this thing is amazingg!! works well and feels great, fabulous when near that moment put the viabrating on!
By: dee
25th July
5 out of 5
to be honest i had trouble with this one, for a first vib most probably brilliant but i found myself going back to my old faithful rabbit.. for its price recommended tho
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