CG After Dark Touch Myself Self-Play Pleasure Cream

CG After Dark Touch Myself Self-Play Pleasure Cream

A Diva After Dark Pleasure Cream for Sexual Self-Arousal.

 Sinfully smooth self-play cream invites every touch to intimate areas to become extra sensitive, heightening those senses more than ever! 

This sinfully smooth Self-Play Creme provides a seductive, silky avenue for self-inspiration and arousal. 

Your sexual excitement is sparked by a potent infusion of Niacin for exhilarating stimulation.

  Infused with Pheromones known to heighten sexual arousal, you can enjoy solo for sexual satisfaction or explore the role of exhibitionist and drive your partner wild! 

Slowly massage into breasts, nipples, derriere and vaginal area to inspire sensitivity, sexual excitement and heated orgasms.

  TOUCH MYSELF is: * Paraben-Free Sugar-Free * Body-Friendly * pH Balanced for Feminine Well-Being * Water-Based Formula * Made in USA * No Animal Testing
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