Doc Johnson Anal Lube

Doc Johnson Anal Lube
Doc Johnson Anal Lube
Doc Johnson Anal Lube
This specialised lube gives you all of the long-lasting slickness you need to keep anal sex fun and comfortable. 

It contains an anti-bacterial agent that provides a mild numbing sensation, and the petroleum base won't dry out or absorb into your skin. 

Thanks to the airless pump system, you can easily get the perfect amount of lube without making a mess. It stays perfectly in place, allowing for fun, safe anal experimentation, and while it has a thick consistency, it effectively transmits body heat for a natural feel. 

This is a petroleum-based lubricant, so while it's safe to use with polyurethane condoms, you should not use Doc Johnson's Anal Lube with latex or silicone. 

It's designed for anal sex.
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