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Fifty Shades Delicious Fullness 10 Speed Vibrating Butt Plug

By: Aubergine
5th July
5 out of 5
Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!!! Shopping has never been so much fun! At first it was a little daunting (the butterfly is bigger than the picture implies) but after looking at it it wasn't too bad. This is the first internal vibrator I've used and won't be the last! The remote also adds to the fun, and it's discreet too - Shoppings never been so fun! Caution though, things can quickly escalate!!!
By: xxx11xxx
5th June
5 out of 5
Highly recommended. I strapped it on and let my husband control the vibrations on the remote control. He really enjoyed watching me squirming with pleasure as he turned it on and off, eventually bringing me to orgasm.,
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