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King Kong HUGE 13 inch Vibrator

By: Neil
19th August
5 out of 5
Wow, this really is big. My wife said she couldn't get it in, but we took our time and gradually got the knob in, then she loved it and started to ride it kneeling up. When she came she couldn't stop and it actually made her cry with pleasure. I would recommend you try it.
By: Chris
16th October
5 out of 5
This bad boy is massive, huge, painful and just amazingly fantastic! Had a long analsession this morning with King Kong. Took long time and some lube to get it up my anus, byt once the big head slid in it was amazing. Im getting a huge hard-on just writing this. Im gasping when it pops in and jsut sits still on it trying to get used to the wonderful pain and pleasure. But dont be fooled this one is BIG and BEAUTYFUL!
13th April
5 out of 5
This is one big MOnster!!! It was painful but very very nice!! Loving the size!!!!
By: Kay x
10th September
5 out of 5
OH MY GOD, this is massive! But so good, it filled me right up, my partner loved watching me try to fit it in
By: Jimbo
3rd September
5 out of 5
This is HUUUUGGGGEEE! My girlfriend said she wanted to try something really big, so we decided on this and we weren't disappointed!! It took a while to get it in as it's so wide, but once in she was so turned on and was begging me to ram it in harder!!
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