Nature Skin Big Vibe

Nature Skin Big Vibe
The Nature Big Vibe really does feel like the real thing!

This vibrator is shaped like a real penis so that you can enjoy sexual pleasures with it comfortably.

At the tip you will find a large head with a nice thick ridge ensuring you feel it with every thrust.

The shaft is almost 2 inches across making it perfect for those who love their cock big, it is covered in lustfully pronounced veins to add extra stimulation during penetration.

Because it is made from Nature Skin it is super soft, smooth and flexible so on it's own or with a lubricant you can be sure of a comfortable ride everytime, imagine the feel of tough jelly for instance, that is kind of like how it feels.

Turn the multi-speed vibrations on at the base and twist for fast and slower speeds.

Comes with free talc and lube.

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