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Stud Delay Cream

By: aaron
12th January
5 out of 5
oh my god what a product! 10/10... suffered 2 episodes of prem-ejac with a new (very tight) girlfriend and got worried... neither i or she noticed i used this product... other than the 2 hours of bliss pleasure that resulted! i was going to give myself a pat on the back but instead all i could do was think thank f*** i found this! and what value too :) its not oily or greasy, smells ok and you wont even know youve got it on. just give it 10-15 mins to do its magic and your away! highly recommended :)
By: george
1st October
4 out of 5
Good stuff. I suffer from prem ejaculation and this cream definetely helps. My wife is so much happier now that i can go for that bit longer and i am enjoying sex so much more and not having to worry about not being able to satisfy her. Glad i found it, and a great price.
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