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3 x Vanilla Dip Anal Butt Plugs

By: StacyBootle
25th June
5 out of 5
well number 1 was kinda useless on me, i think 01 is more a chicks toy, 02 however was realy nice, soft yet firm, problem with 02 is once you get used to it, it wont stay in... so then you get up to 03, and wow 03 is amazing, see by the base ?, it stretches your "inside" rather than your entrance, so the man you wish to please can still get that tight feel, but its less painful and restrictive within you :D once o3 is in, its in, you might feel a bit of pain as it goes in, but remember, once you get it past that small pain point, it goes thin again.., this is key to how it works, dont be afraid when it begines to hurt, it just need to go about 2ml further then its actualy in and teh pain subsides (i promise) also if you want a realy good tip, use baby lotion (NOT OIL) use actual lotion, it sofen's up the skin making stretching easier :D you aint lived until you've gone to bed & woke up hours later with a no.3 plug within you :) sugestion to the makers ? send me a number 4 that can inflate further and expand longer & deeper for total anel training and preporation to pleasuring all size males :D i duno how i lived withought number 3, i can now amply take my male blow up doll, once the heads in, im good to go :D
By: Jeremy
12th August
5 out of 5
My wife bought me these after i told her i wanted more than her finger in me! She lubed me up and slipped in the smallest butt plug, which felt nice and tight. She then tried the medium sized plug, which stretched my nicely...I can't wait to try the largest one!
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