Viagel For Him

Viagel For Him
Come a little closer - we want to share with you the best kept secret in the sex industry!

Viagel is the number one erotic aid for men - it increases the blood flow to your bits, but as it is a topical gel, you don't need to worry about it affecting your heart rate or blood pressure, which means even more people can benefit from an increased libido and through-the-roof sensations!

Viagel has specially formulated a gel specifically for men to give you sensation where you need it most, and there is enough in this 30ml bottle for several nights of unadulterated bliss! Viagel is an alternative product to Viagra, once the water soluble gel is rubbed on the male pubic area you will feel it working immediately.

The gel will increase arousal, sensitivity and give longer and more satisfying orgasms.

This water-soluble gel is available in a 25ml pump action bottle.

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