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Yumi Anime Love Doll

By: Wahoo
10th March
5 out of 5
I Couldn't wait to get my Yumi and I was not dissapointed when she came. Each hole feels different (In a good way) especially her tight mouth! Shes a lovely girl to have for both cuddling and for getting intimate with! She gets into lots of interesting positions (and trouble ;) )
By: Wholly Satisfied
20th October
5 out of 5
Spent last night with Yummys arms clasped round my body and her legs round my thighs. Lovely position for a f--k!! Really great sex.
By: Wholly Satisfied
21st September
5 out of 5
Yummy, this cuddlesome,curvaceous cutie, really does it for me!!
By: westie1660
11th July
5 out of 5
Fantastic cheap f*ckdoll!! Love teh shape - you can pump into her in all kinds of positions. Vertical pie-driver is a good one!
By: Hamdam
2nd June
5 out of 5
the first time i used this doll i didnt last long as i was so aroused, but after a little pratice i've managed to keep her happy for longer and i can tell from her face that she loves it!!!!! ;)
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